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BookingMantra is a blend of Hospitality, Information Technology and Management Information Systems. Born from leading Hotel Reservation Engine, BM provides Hotel Website Development & Internet Marketing Services to the Hospitality Industry.

If you are a hotelier, you know how important is it to maintain and increase your Online Business. you want to make sure that your hotel is not lost in the Flooded River of Information - The "World Wide Web". Because, more and more people are searching for the hotels online before they actually go there. Content Rich and Easily Accessible Hotel Website can part you aside from other boys in the field.

We can help you achieve this complicated goal in an easy way by creating your own Hotel's Online Booking Ready Website. That's not it, We will do all the necessary research & marketing on the web, that you are found directly when the prospective guest is looking for!

Check the below reasons that why is it important to have your Hotel's Own Online Booking Ready Website!

Why do I need a website for my hotel?
  • Worldwide Exposure
  • Multi Lingual Information
  • Online Bookings
  • 24 X 7 Open Store in the Internet Market Place
  • Detailed Maps and Directions
  • Easily maintain Local Attractions and Events information

A business without a Website means NOT BEING IN THE BUSINESS!!

I have a small hotel, why do I need an Internet Exposure?

  • This is 21st century, where a business without a website means not being in the business.
  • Even a walk in customer wants to know what do you offer before he walks in the hotel
  • Our multilingual website can even offer your hotel to an international or non native visitor
  • Imagine your self as one of the many products in the store. If you don't get proper and enough exposure to the customer, they will not buy you. Your website can give you the shine you need for an online visitor.


My hotel’s occupancy is low, how can a website help me improve my business?

  • Your own website can serve as another show room of your hotel on the Internet where 35% of the traveller do their research.
  • You can offer the best available rates through your website and increase direct bookings.
  • An extra store selling your product at no cost to you will not hurt, but help!
  • You never know, you might be losing the guests who are looking for you on the Internet.


My hotel’s occupancy is always 85% and up, why do I need a website?

  • Have you ever considered the cost of bookings from various costly channels? You can save up to 15% on the bookings made through your own website.
  • Ultimate guest is the same and product is same as well. Why pay the big commission when you can do it at much less and industry standard rate?
  • You could increase your profitability by selling more direct rooms at low commissions.


I have a franchisee website, why do I need a separate website?

Imagine the below case

  • I saw your hotel on Google; it forwarded me to your franchisee website.
  • Now I see 5 more hotels in your city, because they all belong to the same franchisee.
  • I booked the 2nd or 3rd hotel on the list, because they have a lower rate OR I just liked their picture.
  • You just lost a prospective guest who was in fact looking for you.
  • I am sure you will agree to this. Your franchisee is interested in selling the hotel, but NOT ONLY YOURS!

Get your guest straight, don’t risk your prospect.


Latest Works

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Comfort Inn Hotel Lower East Side Manhattan is one of the newly built hotel in the area within walking distance to some of the famous attractions.

Comfort Inn New York Midtown West Hotel is centrally located in up and coming Hell’s Kitchen near all major attractions of the New York City.


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Smith Jhoons
Comfort Inn, Time Square.

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